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“A Working Speaker for Working People”

Questions I often get asked when it comes to hiring me for your event is:

1) How much do you cost?
2) What are your fees for speaking?

…and the real answer is: It all depends!


I take a lot of factors into consideration when I am pricing events for you. I ask questions such as:

 -Is it a Keynote?
-Is it a Workshop?
-Is it one hour?
-Is it three hours?
-Is it a full day?

– And what is it you need from me?
– How many people am I speaking to? 

Although all of my presentations are customized for my clients, sometimes a client will ask for just a curriculum developed for them. I often use the analogy, “it’s like ordering a pizza-do you want just a small plain, cheese pizza, or do you want a ‘Sammy’s Special’ with Green Olives? So it depends on what you want and what your organization needs.


My range can be anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 – depending on what my client is asking for.

All of it, though, just starts with a simple conversation. All you just have to reach out to me! My tagline is: “A Working Speaker for Working People” – and I work to make myself accessible and affordable. Call me today or fill out a form here on my website and we will get started on your project right away!

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