How much do you charge?

I get that question often and I’m not trying to be elusive, but it depends! It depends on what you’d like as a topic, the number of hours of instruction or speaking, number of people attending, distance that I have to travel to get to you, etc. Cost too is dependent on whether I am creating a topic “from scratch” that requires research and development or delivering one of my requested signature keynotes. With all these factors in mind, one could expect a cost ranging from $500 to $3000. I know-- that probably didn't help much but it gives you a starting point. Again, it all depends!


Do you just teach the classes listed on your website?

Not hardly! I can teach just about anything if the topic and your needs are clear and I have adequate time to prepare.


Are you willing to travel to present/speak?

Absolutely. I like traveling around the region, state and beyond to speak and present. I account for mileage, gas and my time in that travel, but I will by all means get on the road!


Do you require audio/visual equipment if you speak of us?

With the exception of a screen, I have all I need to present.


Are the presentations customized for our organization?

Again yes! Customized and relevant learning is the BEST learning. I work hard to apply whatever I am delivering to your audience so it resonates and matters to your people.