A Letter of Customer Service from the Frontlines

Pandemics are not good for speaking businesses. If you require crowds and gatherings with people hanging on your every word, a global virus will put a big dent in all of that. My last live gig last spring was March 12, 2020 (a date I’ll never forget—the power went out 5 mins into the presentation— […]

The Doctor is In: Treating Team Dysfunction

Over the 12 years that I have been speaking and engaging with audiences, on several occasions, I have been asked to come in and work with a team struggling with dysfunction, low morale, or some other ailment. And although this request is a departure from my typically delivered product, I always say yes. I enjoy […]

It’s Not That I don’t Like You

I learned the hard way about the importance of professional distance. At 23, I was a young, enlisted US Navy Petty Officer onboard a 60’ wooded minesweeper stationed in Charleston, SC. I had a young engineering oiler (technician) that reported to me. I, unfortunately, allowed that relationship to get too close, too chummy, too familiar, […]

You’re Being Watched

When I speak to audiences on the topic of leadership, I early in the presentation remind them that they are being watched. I’ll ask, “They’re watching you for what?” Invariably, someone will yell out, “Everything!” and that person is right—everything. As leaders, your conduct and behavior are constantly under scrutiny, and people determine what they […]